The Third Stop: 80 Days of Walking in Shanghai – Guilin Park


No matter what country you’re from, you’re probably disturbed by the noise and are more inclined to seek a quiet place to rest your soul than to indulge in unrestrained lounging in a bar and disco. The fast pace of Shanghai’s bustle is a harbinger of high work intensity and mental stress, so I would like to introduce you to the perfect place which was built in 1934 to visit in Shanghai – Guilin Park. You can sit and read in the pavilion with a book, enjoy a cup of tea in the park’s teahouse, or just relax with a walk in the woods.


Guilin Park is different from other parks in that it is a typical Chinese Suzhou architecture, which not only contains the classic Chinese landscape art, but also embodies the essence of traditional Chinese architecture, both in terms of practicality in daily life and for scholars of architecture.


Guiding Park is originally the private courtyard of Shanghai triad leader Huang Jinrong, occupies an area of 35,500 square meters, and after the “August 13th" Incident in 1937, several buildings of the courtyard were damaged by invaders. The name of the garden comes from the osmanthus trees, which are commonly grown in the garden. The flowers of the osmanthus tree are also used as a daily ingredient, and can be used as a medicine, dessert or tea. After many renovations, Guilin Park opened to the public for the first time in August 1988 and has since undergone several expansions to gradually take on its present size.


The park is decorated with the typical style of Jiangnan ink painting, with small bridges and flowing water, overlapping mountains and peaks, and the pavilions and pavilions in the background, the color layout of the whole building is mainly black and white. But what is more noteworthy about Chinese art than the whole is the detail, how each small object – a small lock, a statue, a window – holds its flavor as you approach it. Sometimes in the park, we are lucky enough to listen to the Vietnamese opera lovers exchanging their skills with each other and showcasing their singing skills.


開放時間:週一~週日 8:00~17:00,16:30停止入場

票價:2 RMB

Address: No.188 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00-17:00, box office open until 16:30

Ticket price: 2 RMB


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發表者:Hedy Chen

数字艺术插画师,专项从事神话、历史、宗教等题材创作 I'm a digital art illustrator specializing in mythological, historical, and religious themes.



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